Wouldn’t it be super if all weekends were three days off! When I’m Minister for Education’s number one adviser, It’ll be first on the agenda! We had the most perfect St. Patrick’s weekend. Can I just say if you haven’t seen Beauty and the Beast, you need too. What a sumptuous feast for the senses. There was sneaky half days, winning horses, shopping online and instore with the winnings, relaxed coffees in Starbucks, school parades, chilled mornings and parties. It was quite the fun three days. I am loving Instagram, again too Algorithms aside it’s winning back favour with me over Snapchat. Tell me in the comments which platform you prefer?  The Daniel Wellington watch is class, I think most people now own one. I love the new season black faced one.  So, I posted this bag on Instagram and everyone was so lovely. I sold a few pieces to buy it. I have no regrets it was totally worth it. The Boy Bag has lived up to my expectations. These sunglasses were four euro in Penneys and they look and feel far more expensive. They’ve more than a slight nod to the far pricier Prada counterparts. These two together are a treat to watch and be with!  I have changed up my hair routine and it’s giving me big hair when I follow the steps…i.e. Put in the effort! Have a fantastic week. How was your long weekend? 

❤️ Siobhán.