It’s a loooooong time since I’ve gotten my Friday post up on Friday. I’ve spent another week of wishing I had more time for my blog. But, in reality I’m just going to have to make that time. Be proactive in preparing. The last two weeks have been so busy. Spending last weekend in Oxford, it feels like the weeks have meshed together. I’m excited to get my house cleaned and have some quality time with my favourites this weekend.  I sat in Butlers in Terminal 2, watching the BBC’s North & South on Netflix… it’s so good I sat there using my data to watch it.  The weather in Oxford was spectacular.  At lunch, I took the opportunity to get some air. The garden is coming to life and like never before I’m so excited for Summer.  The most delicious pizza ever, a little spot called Mamma Mia’s! I swapped the basil for Pepperoni.  This Clarins Lip oil is phenomenal, my only peeve is I find it hard to keep it clear. I usually mix it with lipstick and two weeks in it looks very opaque. Tom has his first Bake Sale at school today, probably only half of these made it in!  I didn’t haul my airport purchases but I bought some Jo Malone and a beautiful cream sheen Longchamp Neo! I’m very bold.  The Chanel Jumbo Flap was out this week, I need to do a post on this bag. I had a ramble on Snapchat when I changed it up and there was a lot of questions. Would you be interested in my thoughts? Have an amazing weekend! 

❤️ Siobhán.