After a really lazy start to the week, I got home from work and outside of Tom’s homework and light housework, we have a dog, I did very little. I decided Friday before the School Dinner dance I had enough of that and I attacked the ironing. Come half past five I was in no mood to get showered and ready… but… I did and the night was fantastic. I had a ball. The weekend was so so good. The weather was amazing. You know I’m a Winter person, but the hot weather was such a treat and I loved being out doors all day. A few stand out moments… A whiskey Sour is my drink of choice. It’s definitely my favourite. What’s your favourite cocktail?  The pride I feel when the sun shines on this little island is huge. I love Ireland, I think she’s so pretty in sunlight.  I love wearing blush coloured clothes, they’re my longtime favourite… this is so acceptable when it’s 22 degrees!  I was so very long, waiting to try these products I thought… There’s no way they can live up to my expectations… it’s obviously too early to see any results but I’m loving using them.  Loving that pink is the colour of the season! This hot pink Louis Vuitton pouch is a firm favourite. Have a great week and here’s hoping the weather stays exactly the same! 

❤️ Siobhán.