Hello longest week of my life! 

I love starting this weeks blog like this because usually the week goes so fast, I can’t keep up. I think it was a combination of warm nights breaking up my sleep and general tiredness from juggling life. It was a good week and the bright sunny mornings and hot days were welcomed warmly. It really for the first time this year, felt like Summer!  My brother, Peter, sent me this photo (he walks early every morning) I had to include it here I love it! He posts lots of photos to Twitter, he’s worth a follow!  I’m loving the crescent moon necklace trend! Typically I’ll buy a cheap version of trend pieces before I’ll invest in a more permanent piece. Love this one!  Perfect bouquets of fresh flowers at the Bellamianta Event this past Wednesday. What a party!  Last weekend, called for mini moments! The Chanel mini Flap bag… both sizes… might just be my favourite Chanel bags.  Big fan of pretty flowers in cute bottles. I need a set like this… if anyone knows where I can get the bottles? 

Have a wonderful weekend! As always I’ll be posting away on Instagram, here.

❤️ Siobhán.