Ah I’m officially a year older and wiser! My Friday the thirteenth birthday turned out to be pretty amazing! As usual I was thoroughly spoiled by my family. We spent the day together and I although I had numerous offers from potential babysitters, I was just so happy to spend the evening with Keith and Tom. The first week back was only hard because I missed Tom so much.  We took our usual birthday selfie! I will pop this one Instagram later this week. I think it’s a keeper.  I LOVE the Daniel Wellington brand, their watches are seriously chic. So I may have done something crazy… I bought the new season black faced one! I had a little money from Christmas and just thought… #ImWorthIt When I bought the watch, I had no idea that this bag was in the pipeline… I was very lucky, my Mam and Dad, together with Keith and Tom and some Christmas vouchers… made it happen! WOW! I genuinely had no idea on Friday going into the shop I’d be leaving with it!   My Mam had us all around on Saturday for a Chinese takeaway and cake! She’s the best. I had a truly amazing weekend. Have a great week ahead! 

❤️ Siobhán.