You have those weeks, you feel like an adult…a grown up… you’ve got your s**t together. This was not one of those weeks for me! It was definitely a chasing tail week. Because we did a lot of spur of the moment evenings out! Ah Tuesday, the three of us went to see A Dog’s Purpose such a great movie. I really recommend it! But while I might’ve shrugged off adult duties, we had a good week. It went much faster than last week. My body is telling me Summer Holidays are nearby. I can’t explain the energy you need for students taking State Exams at this time of year. It’s one more week and it’s time to let go…  I love fresh pretty flowers in the kitchen. These colours are my favourites.  The moving garden in Dundrum is there until September, it’s worth a visit. I’m not a ‘matchy matchy’ person but these pair together are at the top of my favourites.  A few other photos from my phone. Have a great week! I’ll be posting on Instagram, here! Here’s hoping the weather continues to remind us its Summer! 

❤️ Siobhán.