So some of you noticed… I took a little impromptu break! Ironically I spent the last two weeks mostly saying… I should blog about that! 

The Summer Holidays are here! While I’m ready for a break… I can’t quite believe it’s June! How? I wore flip flops today… the feet got scrubbed, tanned and nails painted! Doesn’t make me like them anymore… but tis the season. The BHW is such a great start to the Summer, an extra day off puts everyone in such good form. 

I have a few photos for you… from the last two weeks… some of them were posted on Instagram, here.  I love this handbag, I blogged about it, here.  It just fits so much and is an easy bag to use.   These lil messers together, always my favourites.  This side of Nachos in The Old Schoolhouse were some of the nicest I have had.  My signature scent and one of my all time Favourites.  Such a pretty desert!  The Wedgwood Afternoon Tea in Brown Thomas was such a treat this week.  Saw this in the local florist, it’s so cute and so true. Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday! 

❤️ Siobhán.