It’s so hard to believe we have been on holidays two weeks! 

I’ve restarted this post a few times, previously I’ve moaned a lot about hayfever. (Delete) I talked about Tom being sick  (Delete) I had a good week, it went fast and for the most part it was fun. The weather and the sunshine is such a tonic. It’s made me think of my holidays and I’m so excited.  A glass of rose in the Sunshine, these days are made for sipping cold drinks.  This was much earlier in the week (It’s Keith’s Cappuccino) I just thought it was so pretty. I always have an Americano which is delicious but doesn’t look as good.  I have bags that are hard to photograph, the  Louis Vuitton Speedy B25 is not one of them. This bag is dreamy to use and photograph.  I still have a lot of love for this fragrance. I could believe when I post this on Instagram, how many women love this perfume. It’s class.  I had wanted a circular bag for Summer and when I saw this Straw bag from J Crew on the gorgeous Damsel in Dior I was obsessed! I do have plans for it, just to make it my own.  What better way to spend the sunny days than with family over some yummy BBQ food. Have a fabulous week! 

❤️ Siobhán.