So I finally saw Wonder Woman, what an absolutely brilliant movie. I know it’s dividing people… I loved it. A friend recently asked me why I don’t review movies… The truth is… I’m far too easily pleased when it comes to film! When I go to the cinema or I sit down at home to watch a movie… I get lost in it. But sweet Jesus, Gal Gadot rocked the franchise for me. She’s a ridiculously beautiful woman! Also I ate brunch in Gourmet Food Parlour this week. Just WOW! I’m already planning my return.  The restaurant is just beautiful.  I ordered the Mexican Eggs… They were the best I’ve ever had!  I am in full-on saving mode, so I planned on not replacing this base until July. I nearly got there. It’s so good…  I went full blown #BasicBitch posting this to Instagram during the phone. I love flowers.  I love fish, this was as tasty as it looks.   Finally my favourite handbag for the week… the Neo Noe! I apologise I know you’re sick looking at it! Have a great week.

❤️ Siobhán