This week there was a lot of juggling! You know those moments when you’re not quite sure things can come together, as it could go either way… yeah? Loads of those. As much as I like to stay on top of life, these moments push us to be more productive. The satisfaction when it has worked out, gives me such a buzz. I have another of those weeks coming up, fun times… I have no idea…when I had the time for selfies this week! HA! But this scarf…l bought last Summer, I didn’t need it (obviously) but my Mam talked me into it! She was dead right! I love it. Could be my favourite scarf! This choker was, I think ten pounds on ASOS, it was so pretty I was prepared to take the chance on the quality. It’s gorgeous! So many girls snapped me about it… you can get it here… just buy it in GBP!  YES to POCOs! I haven’t worn them yet, the fit is great on me save a little muffin… not enough to warrant the next size though as they’re perfect everywhere else. I just need to stop drinking as much Coke Zero. They recommend if you’re between sizes… go down! I’d agree with that!  I finally took the new watch off, I love it so much, but I still have a soft spot for the Kate Spade Watches Then Sam Maguire came to the school and visited my classroom.  I drank way too much Starbucks this week. Oops!  If you haven’t tried the granola, you need to! It’s delicious! Have a lovely Sunday and a great week ahead! 

❤️ Siobhán.