You know those weeks… you have a list of things to do… It’s not an incredibly long list… So you’re optimistic at getting everything done. This week started like that. But ended up being just a relaxed (read lazy) week. Keith and I had a day together which was lovely, the six euro Zara sale dress arrived and is officially the bargain of the century. I love it! I’ve started watching the TV show Power it’s really good. I fell in love with the Chanel Jumbo all over again and carried it for most of the week.  For what is nearly a ten year old bag, it’s incredible. In my I HEART HANDBAGS series, I talked about the mini Flap, this bag needs its own post.  Would it be a Favourites post without the Starbucks shot?  A few Favourites this week also include my Sketcher flip flops, the Pestle &. Mortar Hydrate, and my mini Charlotte Tilbury haul…  I’m loving the Pillowtalk Lipstick.  Ah Keith and I went back to Nandos, we hadn’t been there in months. I love their superfood salad.  I had started organising/ tidying my accessories and it all ended when I found this watch. I put it on and posted to Instagram, the tidying will have to wait.  The Zara Sale was incredible and I had said that I mostly avoided sales this year. But the dress I picked up for six euro down from forty is a serious win. When I wear it I’ll pop it up here on Instagram. Have a fantastic weekend. 

❤️ Siobhán.