What day is it? 

We left for Malta on Thursday. This past week was a great one. As the Summer Holidays draw to a close, we are home from Malta three days before school starts, we really spent the week soaking up the relaxed mornings, late brunchs, simply not having to measure time. Isn’t it amazing how as time catches up it becomes more precious.  I went to school for the Leaving Cert. results on Wednesday, I couldn’t be happier or prouder of the results my class were awarded.  A great friend and mentor of mine, planted these beautiful roses in my Mam’s garden. Every Bloom reminds me of him. The rose is called Fragrant Cloud, they are my absolute favourite flower of all time.  We had a late Brunch on Monday in Gourmet Food Parlour, I love that place so much. I regularly post photos on Instagram,  of the gorgeous food. GFP is easily in my top ten for brunch spots.  It’s a rare night when Keith and I go out and he doesn’t drive. It’s fun when we both go out and have a few drinks. Fun until the next day…

Our Maltese Adventure has just begun, but what an incredible place. It’s beautiful by  day and night. Have a restful Sunday. 

❤️ Siobhán.