Yay for Friday!
Yay for a Favourites Post! 
It’s been a while… I’ve been busy! Since starting back to work this September, I’ve been chasing my tail with time so much so that I’m finding it hard to comprehend that it’s the middle of October. The weeks have whizzed by in a blur. Tom has started senior infants, I’ve been to some awesome events, seen some great movies, worked on some great projects, had my sister-in-laws Hen Party, fallen completely in love with Charlotte Tilbury’s Pillowtalk lipstick!   I had such a late night last Tuesday… went to Belfast for the launch of the BPerfect LMD eyeshadow pallete.   The bus to Belfast was so much fun with the blogger gals… I posted some videos on Instagram My cheat day last August has become a cheat season and I’ve indulged in some really yummy meals. It.Has.To.Stop!   I’m currently obsessed with earrings, especially ear crawlers. I’m also obsessed with Missoma, the jewelry is stunning.  The Charlotte Tilbury Pillowtalk lipstick is such an incredible lipstick. I think it needs its own post, I’ve worn nothing else since it arrived.  The school Debs night was during last week, it was great to see the lads suited and in such good spirits.  A few camera roll shots. It’s been a while, Tom brought this Sunflower home from school last (school) year. He was very proud.  Ah squeezing in the last of the iced coffees. Seriously hoping Starbucks bring back those really nice mulled grape drinks this Christmas.  Have a great week, be safe in this storm! We going to nest all day! 

❤️ Siobhán.