Just like that… it is February! I can NOT believe the ‘stretch in da evenings’. You guys know I’m a fan of Winter, I love the cold, dark nights and the cozy clothes. But we’ve booked our Summer holiday for July and I’m already planning my holiday wardrobe. I own a lot of pretty clothes that for the last few years haven’t fit me, having recently dropped a couple of dress sizes I’m excited to get back into my full wardrobe this Spring. Keith and I attended the ten year party of The Gourmet Food Parlour in Swords on Thursday night. Such a good night.  The Chanel magazine arrived, always my favourite.  This Essie combo is perfect for warmer seasons. It’s Fiji and A Cut Above  After a tough Friday, I decided to have a glass of Shiraz with my dinner today. I love Yellow tail it’s so fruity.  My Mam knows how to make amazing banoffi pies. My is slightly different in that I don’t like banana in the desert. {Which is crazy… given that I do like bananas} We had a pizza from Base this weekend, their Focaccia bread is outstanding. Have a great week! 

❤️ Siobhán.