This week, Keith and I had our first Parent – Teacher meeting from the other side of the desk. It’s definitely a different experience, but I’ve had something confirmed for me. Tom’s teacher is wonderful. He’s crazy about her and after our chat I can see why. It’s a comfort to send him in to her everyday. I finished up the week… sick, I was so ill I couldn’t even go to work on Friday. The Doctor gave me Meds and they seem to have done the trick. Almost feeling like myself.  Ah expect a post on this Louis Vuitton Speedy B25 soon. I love it! I posted this on Instagram, and it’s obviously a favourite on there too.  How cute is this little brow kit? I’m lucky in the brow department. I have a lot of growth there but I do like to finish them with product. I’m looking forward to trying this. I’m a big fan of baby pink and lace, this River Island is stunning and the fit is lovely.  Who doesn’t love a cake covered in sweet icing! This one was yummy. You know I’m a fan of Coke Zero, but the American Cherry version is delicious and so different to the British one.  How awesome is the new Magpie Magazine, such a good read and full of gorgeous Irish success stories. Have a wonderful week and enjoy Tuesday with your loved ones! 

❤️ Siobhán.