Latest FoF post ever… but better late than never! So this past week was disjointed in work, with mock exam supervision and correcting. I have a big sixth year class and luckily most of them are taking the higher level so I’m delighted to finish the corrections. We are on MIDTERM… I know that Christmas was like yesterday, but January was a busy one. I’m so happy to recharge for the week.  Keith and I went attended his friends wedding. It was a fabulous day.  Kilronan Castle is a stunning venue, the food and service was second to none. A mulled wine reception greeted us, I love mulled wine.  I wore all black, the dress was the most comfortable I own. I bought it in Rome last October… yes a photo of it would’ve been nice #badblogger. We had a such a great day.  On Friday I posted this on Snapchat, and Instagram (If you’re not following me, the link will bring you straight there!) I love this lace trimmed top, such a pretty combo with the pin stripes.  I met my first Hermes Birkin bag last week in Designer Exchange, they buy and sell designer handbags. I never thought I was a Birkin fan, but there’s no denying the craftsmanship when you see it in person.  This nail colour was all I wore last week. I’m never good to judge the wearability of a polish…I’m incredibly bad a chipping my nails… but this colour is so so pretty. Have you tried the molten Hot Chocolate in Starbucks… just don’t! You’ll want another and another. They’re delicious. I’m planning very little this week, it’ll be all family time with the exception of Littlewoods Fashion show on Tuesday and a little pampering in Callan & Co on Thursday. 

❤️ Siobhán.