‘It’s Friday, remember that bad decisions make the best memories’

Hello there, this post may be a little giddy, it’s late and I’m past tired and nose diving into exhaustion! I had a mooch through my phone and I’ve obviously spent most of the week being a bad lil blogger as I’ve little to share. So this favourites will be a Debs edition. The School Debs was held in Kells and as always it was a really enjoyable night…


Pretty lights pave the way to the party.


Bubbles on arrival, cheap and (had us very) cheerful.


I loved the colour scheme for the table pieces…


Candles and flowers added a little romance to the hotel.


Adam’s epic from where I stand {Nice shoes!}


The cute sign reserving our table. The food was lovely as always and if I hadn’t been starving I might got some nice snaps…Oooops!

Have a charming weekend.

❤️ Siobhan