Oh yeah it Friday! Amen. The week went fast but the tiredness… Sweet baby Jesus…the tiredness! I spent the week catching up after last week. We travelled home Sunday night which gave us a fantastic day but little time to get ready for the week. The week in school was great and it was one of those weeks, at work, were you feel a difference was made! Here’s a little look at my week…

Tough stuff still keeping my skin buffed and ready for tanning.

I found her! But crazy times… as much of a deal it is ‘fo’ ALL the make-up… Sixty paund I could not pay! Sorry Benefit!

Yes yes yes! There was more worshipping at the alter of Kate Spade…A beautiful stripped dairy made it home with me! I’ve been trying to think of things to write into it ever since.

Still my favourite new scent, I hit up terminal 2!

Pretty pink roses.

The obligatory coffee shot… How boring of me… The cookie is a new favourite!

It was high time Marc came back out to play… Have a marvelous weekend!

❤️ Siobhan