WOW can’t believe this is number forty seven! My little blog is nearly a year old. Fast year!

We had a great night at Jane’s party, albeit an early one. We had seven little munchkins for breakfast on Sunday morning. Crazy times. This week was punctuated with a day off on Tuesday. Well partially off. It was unreal. It involved mostly coffee out, shopping and a two hour nap. I’m not usually one to nap but boy was it nice. That night we celebrated Siobhan being conferred her Masters. The meal was yummy. {I know quit jabbering and show you the photos…}

As always the weekend had coffee stops…

Oh and Eh thee biggest bowl of nachos ever!

Bewley’s beautiful tree.

Turns out my dislike for Baked Alaska was unfounded. I tried it. I loved it.

The teensiest jar of Nutella I’ve ever seen. It’s a single serving I reckon.

Favourite Arm candy of the week.

A very thoughtful gift from Karl and Dee, my favourite Christmas decoration.
Have a great weekend lovelies…
❤️ Siobhan