It’s the LONG WEEKEND! Oh there is nothing as sweet as a Bank Holiday weekend. I’m off school next Monday and Tuesday, four days of bliss. I’m so excited to spend the four full days with Keith and Tom. I’m amazed at how fast the month of March has whizzed by. It’s been an exciting week with lots to keep me busy. The weather has been an added bonus, how beautiful are the days right now?

20140313-202945.jpg Spring prettiness in the back garden. The Daffs are out to say hello!

20140313-203056.jpg Tuesday I had my Leaving Cert. students complete their river study. I love this Corrie in the valley.

20140313-203248.jpg Keith and I at Beyoncé.

20140313-203331.jpg A surprise Starbucks in work…(I love my Husband)

20140313-203518.jpg I brought the green out early this year. I love mint green, it’s a sickness!

20140313-203617.jpg I have used the Nars illuminator for over a month now; suffice to say I’m totally addicted. What are you loving this week? Have a very merry GREEN weekend!