This post has been months in the coming! Kildare Village is Ireland’s answer to Woodbury Common. For shopping addicts like myself it’s the Holy Grail…the outlet!

Outlet shopping is bargain territory… which in itself is justification enough to buy. {I’m rambling… I ramble when I’m nervous} Last Summer, I was told in the Covent Garden store that Kate Spade would be opening in Kildare Village! I’m embarrassed that it’s taken until today to walk through its doors, it’s pretty, pretty doors.

I was embarrassed at the goofy smile on my face. A little relieved that the staff had matching goofy smiles. They were so nice, especially Bronagh!

Shall we start with the gorgeous jewelry…


Oh and my favourite…

Audacious Arm-candies! Then came the bags.

So pretty and the photo doesn’t even do it justice. It’s an exquisite pink/coral colour, that’s just the right side of neon.

This little beaut has a long cross body strap too.

This mint green bag is my favourite. Keith might’ve twisted my rubber arm to use some birthday funds!

This red wallet is such a great bargain at sixty euro. I was really impressed with the store, it didn’t feel like an outlet to me and the stock was awesome.

There was just time for a quick snack.

The rain added to the pretty lights and I bounced to the car. Thank you Kildare Village, it won’t be so long until my return.
Have a great weekend!

❤️ Siobhan.