So this is the third Favourites On Friday Post from London! How lucky I am! So I originally had a Favourites on Friday…London Edition. it captured my falling in love with this city perfectly. While we are reminiscing I also had a Favourites on Friday…Harrod Edition! I mean it’s Harrods so of course it was a favourite. This trip is so exciting, simply because Tom is older and really gets ‘Holiday time’ now. I have neglected my Instagram recently, but hoping to get some great Instas from London. 

 I found myself in Zara, before we got over here, their new stock is exquisite and this cute drawstring bag is adorable. 

 This pretty much sums up my Summer… All the coffee! Going for coffee/having coffee it is without doubt one of my favourite things to do. 

 I am loving this Bourjois concealer. 

 We brought Tom to the London Aquarium here yesterday, this is my favourite photo of the day, think it sums up what Tom thought of it. 

 We met the Ghostbusters on the street by the south bank. Ah Ecto 1, best cat ever! 

How amazing is Big Ben! Have a fantastic weekend. We are off to Legoland on Sunday. 

❤️ Siobhan.