I have kinda saved this post, as choosing the photos has given me the chance to relive the experience. I wasn’t shocked by the beauty of Malta. I knew it was a ridiculously pretty and picturesque island. I was surprised by the food. It’s not that I expected it to be bad… I just couldn’t believe how good it was!  Ah I really loved Valletta! It was such a great city to walk around. We also found the Haagen Dazs shop!   At dusk the light was surreal.  We were lucky enough to go to a Festa… The lights and fireworks were magical.  You have to have a trip to Gozo if you go. It’s a lovely island with lots to see and do.  The pizza I had on this trip, rivals the best I’ve had in Italy.  A Maltese Platter is a feast of Mediterranean goodness.  So overall what did I love about Malta? The people are so nice, the weather was amazing and the food was delicious. Have you been? 

❤️ Siobhán.