So for the year, I shall every Friday… post about my favourite find of the week… it could be a product, a book, clothing, an article that I found interesting, a movie or even a person! #HelloNewSeries

It will be short and sweet and take less than two minutes to read!

This week, it’s my favourite discovery of 2017… now using the word discovery is a stretch…I along with every blogger in Ireland received this beauty in the post! The Sass and Boho candles are nothing short of sensational. I’ll admit I’ve been blinkered when it’s come to candles…Jo Malone being my favourite with Yankie Candle being more my budget.

I’m really sensitive to smell. It’s floods my mind with memories. (I associate everything with fragrance… my Mam and Chanel No.5, Chanel Chance with my Wedding, Pomegranate Noir with our house in Leixlip)

This Sass and Boho Incense Citrus Intense… will forever be Christmas! I kid you not, I’m half way through it and it brings back Christmas morning. The Candle is warm and sexy and everything you want in a luxury candle. It fills the house with fragrance and it’s available here if you want to check the collection. I am a converted fan and eager to try other fragrances from the brand.

What’s your favourite Candle/smell of all time?

❤️ Siobhán.