20140712-120644-43604085.jpg I can’t say when I was younger or in my twenties that I was diamond crazy. My first awareness of diamonds was traveling to New York, to buy my mam a diamond, for her diamond birthday. It was our first visit to Haniken Jewellers and the start of a firm friendship. That’s what happens when you buy diamonds from the Hanikens, you become their friends for life!

Michael Haniken and his family run their store 66 west 47 Street (Diamond district) and have done since 1985. They’re the nicest family and they never forget a face. The lengths to which they’ll go to accommodate you in the short time of your visit, is why I’ll never buy diamonds from anyone else. Here are some of they’re finest pieces…

20140716-003201-1921825.jpgMy Mam’s 60th birthday present from us.

20140716-003343-2023962.jpgElaine’s beautiful rings.

20140716-003419-2059797.jpgElva’s engagement ring is Hanikens, her band is Cartier.

20140716-003524-2124264.jpgHanikens remade my Gran’s rings as they’d thinned badly over time.

20140716-003624-2184177.jpgMy own rings that I love very much.
I had seen a simple Swarovski bracelet of tiny cubic zirconia and I tried to buy it for my wedding day. I wanted to keep everything paired back and elegant. Keith had other ideas and told Michael what I’d been looking for…the result turned out to be my wedding gift from Keith, this beautiful diamond bracelet.

20140801-180814-65294729.jpgI wore it for the first time on our wedding day, but I’m not afraid to wear it on a day to day basis!

20140801-180907-65347140.jpgI’m not the kinda girl to leave things in boxes! You can find the Hanikens here! If you’re in the market for quality certified diamonds and beautiful jewelry, Hanikens won’t disappoint.

❤️ Siobhan