So it won’t come as a surprise that I’m handbag obsessed. I’ve been asked on so many occasions to do a post on my handbag collection! While I love watching those videos and reading those posts; I can’t do it. I mean how would it go…look what I have… Let me list how crazy I am… I’m reminded of Carrie Bradshaw when she realises that she has no savings!  

(As a side note – this is one of my all time favourite Carrie looks, for the 16th Anniversary I blogged about my 16 favourite ‘Carrie’ looks…) But seriously, I do love handbags and won’t be judged for liking expensive ones…(Eh Dad remember the Blue Label Johnny Walker…shhh) This new series will chronicle my handbags. I’ve dug these photos out of Dropbox. We have to start with the big ‘C’… The smallest Chanel I own the Wallet On Chain (WOC). 

This bag is ideal for events, parties and when you want to carry a small bag. 
 I chose to go for the Lambskin with Silver hardware. It’s incredibly soft and smells like heaven.  
Inside it holds an iPhone, powder compact, lip pencil and two lipglosses and my card holder if I pack it properly. When I use it for black tie, I leave the chain inside. It’s a favourite of mine. Would I buy it again, given the price increases at Chanel… Absolutely! 

This bag, with it’s hefty price tag, won’t be everyones cup of tea! Some people like shoes, some people like to party or smoke… I like Chanel!  If there’s a bag in particular you want me to blog about or you want to see more off… Maybe check out my Instagram… I am always putting up handbag photos… or if you’ve any questions on the WOC ask away…

❤️ Siobhan