So I’d really like to thank Louis Vuitton for partnering for this post! 

Yeah right! 

Ah we can dream… to be a hundred percent clear, I bought this with my own money that I worked hard for! HA! But wait til you see her. I have always wanted a mini pouchette, I mean it even fits in the Chanel mini flap bag. It’s that cute.  Ok ok… I need to calm myself. But such is my excitement.  Before I say another word… a little back story! These Christmas Limited Edition illustrated mini pochettes are nearly impossible to get your hands on. I went in store to register my interest in AUGUST! I knew they were hard to get, so I wanted to avoid disappointment.  It’s not an understatement to say I probably rang Louis Vuitton weekly in the month of September…some would call it harassment… I call it perseverance. I didn’t want to be a nuisance, but I also didn’t want to be pochetteless. The result was she’s now mine. Here is the Monogram animated Mini Pochette. There are no words to explain how pretty she is… I originally wanted the Damiar Ebene to match my Louis Vuitton Speedy, but it was impossible to get. (For the geeks like myself the Damiar Ebene has a red band (sea) along the bottom and I prefer the pink. Ah for anyone following my Instagram I apologise in advance. I used it straight away. I put in my card holder, tablets and hair clips. I put it straight into Céline Nano. What do you think of it? What should I keep in it?