“Be who you are, not who the world wants you to be” ~ Coco Chanel. 

I started the I Heart Handbags series here, because I freakin’ love them. I have talked about my love for the Chanel brand before. Going to 31, Rue Cambon, was on my bucket list for so long and a glorious blogger highlight of last year! Whether your a fan of the brand or not, you couldn’t be disappointed with a visit.  So anyone that saw on my Instagram, here, I had no idea. (I mean I knew Chanel’s Cruise Collection was showcasing the Square Mini Flap handbag, but I’d no idea…that Santa was going to leave me one…I was obviously a very good girl!  In the excitement, I almost started opening it, without my phone in hand…I mean imagine I’d forgotten to take photos. I tried to fix it back as best I could.  You can imagine the reserved, poised reaction I gave… NOT! I was squealing, snorting, laughing I almost cried!  I mean look at her… it’s true love people! The Chanel Mini flap, comes in ‘Square’ or ‘Rectangular’. They hold exactly the same volume of things when packed correctly. Strangely the Chanel Small double flap bag…(the original) holds a similar amount. The Square flap has the cutest dimensions (6.7″W x 5.2″H x 3.1″D). It sits a little higher on my body than the rectangular flap, when I wear it cross body, but I have that option (i.e. Height wise I resemble a hobbit). The bag has a pale Gold hardware and it’s so subtly Gold, you could even think it’s silver in certain lights. 

The mini flap bag has all the trimmings of the Classic at almost half the price. Chanel operate price increases annually, making it an investment piece. I have no intention of ever selling her though… its love… tell me what Santa left you in the comments? 

❤️ Siobhán.