A great piece of advice I recently received was ‘organise some buisness cards’ … I felt a little funny buying them for the obvious reasons; do I need them? Who would I give them to? Is it pretentious?

I have taken the plunge and I’m glad I did. I met Saibh at the recent #ITWBN meet up in Galway. She’s an awesome photographer and I really love her style. She was the perfect collaborator for the project.

I knew the style I wanted and Saibh was not only supportive of that, but listened and brought my vision to life. She used her expertise to tweak the information to create a card that I honestly love…

IMG_1173.JPGI was passionate about incorporating my header into the card. It took me forever to perfect and design…{Saibh made it happen with little fuss}

IMG_1172.JPGAll my information and links can be found on the back of the card. Saibh designed it brilliantly. The whole process took a little over a week. Saibh is a superwoman.

The cards are beautiful. I’m so happy with them. It’s so easy when talking to people about my blog now just to offer a card, no more fumbling for paper and a pen!

Do you like them?
❤️ Siobhan