So I gushed on my Instagram about my first class in Jewelry making course specialists Lulu & Belle in Rush last Thursday and I got so many questions… Si many people were really interested! I thought I’d share more of the story here…

Old time readers of Dreaming in Sequins, will know my obsession with all things sparkly! I have followed Jewelry designers Lulu & Belle for ages! Sandra’s jewelry is dreamy! I was so tempted by so many of the pieces. Then I saw that… they had workshop lessons! You pay the fee for the four classes {€189} and you get to keep the sterling silver jewelry you make! (#winning).

You can see my wrapping is a little rough! But I absolutely LOVED the class! We practiced putting beads and stones together. We then made our silver French hooks and had them cleaned… You have never seen Silver like it comes out of this magical solution! I wanna bring all my jewelry next week. I learned so much in the two hours, there was three of us! Sandra doesn’t take more than four. I made these pearl earrings and I haven’t taken them out. As far as value is concerned, I think it’s amazing and I’m so excited for this Thursday… I think we are moving on to bracelets. You can find Lulu & Belle here, and if you wanted to do something a little different as a small hen Party, I’d highly recommend it, all the details are available on their Jewelry website If you’ve any questions for me… stick them in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

♥️ Siobhán.