Let’s get to the nitty gritty… I didn’t pay for the treatment. I was kindly invited into The Wicklow Street Clinic to have this treatment. Thanks guys!

They didn’t ask me to write this… Although I’d say they were hoping I might!

I’m a big fan of lashes! Particularly my own. I think my eyes (because they’re expressive) are probably my best feature… that’s what Keith says! I spent a few years down the lash Extension rabbit hole.

You know… you should take a break… but you’re not prepared to be baldy on the eyes… so you have just one more go! No matter what anyone says… Kids you get enough extensions and you’re gonna do some damage!

So when the guys at Wicklow Street Clinic invited moi for a non- damaging Lash treatment… it took me all of about five seconds to jump on that! I diligently patch tested my hairy arms the week before… always patch test! My before… (EXTREME CLOSE UP) you can see I have fairly straight lashes. Hmmm if only the hair on my head had gotten the same memo! I mean… don’t be jelly of my big makeup free head on the internet! But I have to say… at NO point did I feel any discomfort while the lovely Paula did this.

In this photo you can see my lashes are being tinted and my eye lids are protected.

The process has four steps… each one has a key focus on the protection, curling, tinting and lifting of your own lash! Look at the lift… I didn’t wear mascara today! If you’d like to see a side by side… check out my Dreaming in Sequins Instagram.

So the last thing I should say is this… as with all the posts I’ve ever written when I’m sent free stuff or gotten treatments… unless I’m prepared to shell out my own cash and repurchase or have a treatment redone, I’d never say anything. But this is perfect and I’ll definitely be back!

Have you had an LVL treatment? I’d love to hear about it?

♥️ Siobhán.