I tried this Charlotte Tilbury Overnight Bronze and Glow mask last May.

It did absolutely nothing for me!

I know… shock horror! I thought to myself had I found the dud CT product?

I’ve been a big fan since she stole the heart of beauty lovers everywhere. I tucked it back in the box and put in the the press of my vanity area and thought I’ll try you after holidays.

I was home from Texas/ Florida about a week… my tan was fading fast! I put the call out on Instagram, how can I maintain my tan… but I remembered this product. We have to ignore my greying roots here… But check out the colour! I have a confession and I’m a little embarrassed to admit it… but I’m even using it on my arms… I know I know! The colour over a hint of tan is sensational. My skin definitely has a glow (It’s like I just did a mask). It drys quickly and I’m using it twice a week. I won’t be without this next time I go on holidays. Plus on the topic of holidays, I found the necklace I’m wearing two weeks after I got home! I had put it safely into a purse and thought I’d lost it! It wasn’t very expensive ($30) but I just LOVE it so much. It reminds me of a cheap necklace I had in my teens that I wore to death! Sometimes it’s the simplest things that mean the most, do you agree?

♥️ Siobhán