So…how many Laduree macaroons is it socially acceptable to eat in one sitting? 

I’m a massive fan of the sweet treat, I’m not a snob! I will eat anyone’s macaroons. But I’d be telling lies if I said that all macaroons are equal!  

 They’re NOT. (Just for your information, I didn’t eat all five…not because I couldn’t)Tom’s Aunt Siobhan, took him out for the day and it left Keith and I with an impromptu day to ourselves. We found our way to Dublin’s own little piece of Paris… 

 The restaurant is selling treats and macaroons, but will have a full ála carte menu this month.  
 The experience, mine, was really fabulous. The coffee was delicious, the macaroons were fresh and the ambiance was chic! It might just become my go-to coffee spot in town! Have you been in yet? Are you a macaroon fan? 
❤️ Siobhan.