You know those lightbulb moments… When you feel like a cartoon character and you literally imagine a giant lightbulb flashing over your dumb ass head! I had a few of those on my trip to Croatia and I want to share them.. Ha ha I know what’s wrong with me! 

Croatia was the second wedding I’ve attended abroad. The first was my brothers wedding in Spain! The Wedding was spectacular. The setting of Cavtat was magnificent and we booked our three nights in Hotel Croatia. Keith and I had a brilliant time. It actually felt honeymoonish to both of us, as our little man was being spoiled at home. But with regard to beauty and wedding prep I made soooo so many silly mistakes and I thought I’d share them with you… To hopefully save you making the same mistakes;
1. When you’re traveling away and have an important event the usual packing at 10pm the night before ~ is not good idea!

2. No matter how perfect your tan applies before the trip sunscreen,  whether oil or cream based, will break that shizz down! Bring a tanning make-up!

3. Always make sure that your shoes for special event will fit in the heat. I had to improvise and wear flip flops.

4. Leave enough time for your hair to dry before heading outside… Or bring some sauce… For that southern fried crispy hair you’ll get in the sun! Yikes!

5. Remember to bring appropriate shoulder cover for the church… Or just throw on a dirty cardigan!

6. If you find yourself at a spectacular wedding and the above happens… Drink the prosecco… Drink all the prosecco…and party like its 1999!

The church was so pretty! 

The wedding party…

The happy couple Karl and Deirdre!

I did tell you I drank ALL the prosecco!

 Cavtat is a beautiful location for a wedding abroad.

Karl and Dee had so many special touches.

Keith took this photo, the views in Cavtat are outstanding. We sat down for dinner…

 This is four of our six courses!

 The tables were gorgeous and the colour scheme was my favourite… 
 The dusty pink roses were nothing short of perfection!

 The stunning bride, Dee. I was honoured and sick with nerves when she asked me to do her make-up! Look at the dress, one word, magnificent! We had an amazing trip!

❤️ Siobhan.