Our adventure to Bellinter House left us with bloated bellies and sore cheeks. It was my Godson Jack’s Holy Communion and we were invited to lunch in Bellinter to celebrate Jack. Jack is the most considerate kid I know. He is thoughtful beyond his years and smart and talented. He looks after the younger kids with an incredible sense of whats right and wrong. At a young age he’s already a great little role model for his younger cousins. We had a great day.



20140510-191713.jpgThe house and grounds have a charm and are so picturesque.




20140510-191858.jpgThe inside was pretty and uniquely decorated. It was country chic.





20140510-192133.jpgThe food and wine left us giddy and the deserts were amazing.

20140510-192253.jpgThe man of the hour, Jack. He looked so handsome in his suit. We were all very proud of him today.

In other news as it was a special occasion I broke out the ‘Snow Fairy’ it’s heavenly…

20140510-202402.jpgBut unfortunately won’t be back in Lush stores until much later in the year.

20140510-202520.jpgI had on some Barry M Grapefruit but sadly I have a few casualty chips. I’m re-painting though. The colour is fun and Summer in a bottle.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

❤️ Siobhan