Preface: If you do not like Brandon Flowers or The Killers… This gushy post is not for you!”

There is so much more to Brandon Flowers, than him ‘being really really really really good looking’ …. Yes! He is Zoolander good looking.

The man has the best live voice I’ve ever heard. He sang all my old favourites, Crossfire and Only the young. The new album is amazing too. My favourites are Cant deny my love, Loney Town and I can change. We started the night off really well with a feast in Elephant & Castle

 I loved the window seat. It’s amazing!

 Have you tried the Cherry Soda! Yummy.

 The food was amazing and I really recommend it, especially the Grilled Prawns.

 It was such a great night, we’d great seats.

 Have you any gigs lined up this Summer?

❤️ Siobhan.