Well for now! 

Keith randomly entered a competition on Joe.ie and the prize was…‘A tour of Jameson’s Distillery’ and guess what? He won.

 Keith is a massive whiskey fan. I am now a massive whiskey fan and trolling Joe.ie daily for competitions to win. Because let me tell ya… They know how to run a competition. 

The prize was phenomenal. We had to meet at 5pm on George’s street. We had drinks in a secret bar. The entrance was through a shop front and downstairs to a basement. Coolest. Bar. Ever.  I have no words to describe how cool this bar was. The decor was Irish and transported us back in time.  We drank Whiskey Sours and nibbled on some olives. I loved them. They’re my new favourite cocktail. From our secret location we were ferried to Mulligans in Stoneybatter. The food there is nothing short of spectacular… If you like scotch eggs, you need to go there and have this starter.  We truly were spoiled with delicious food and yummy whiskey aperitifs. We had no idea, what was to come.  We hadn’t been told that our guides around the distillery would be the Master Distiller and Master Cooper of the company. What impressive gentlemen they were. It’s hard not to be in awe when you witness master-craftsmen at work.   We had such an amazing night. The winners are invited back for the opening party at St. Patrick’s Day weekend. They also were given a bottle of twelve year old whiskey with their names on. I highly recommend Mulligan’s Bar & Restaurant in Stoneybatter. Have you tried it? 

❤️ Siobhán.