Okay so I want to explain the hashtag. It stands for Into The West Blogger Network and today was the second meet up of the group and I got to go!!

(Just me … Ya know meeting fellow bloggers… Cool as ya like…)

Eh… Not quite!

I was so nervous, have to say though my nerves were put at ease straight away by the lovely girls and guys.

IMG_0072.JPGThe Meyrick Hotel know how to treat their guests. Look at the cocktails.

IMG_0075.JPGSo pretty!

The event was organised by Sinead, who certainly is a yummy mummy and the gorgeous Saibh, the very talented photographer who captured the whole event on film.

IMG_0092.JPGWe munched…

IMG_0090.JPGand we munched…

IMG_0098.JPGHells yeah the food was delicious. The bloggers were even better! There was Pretty Sue and Smudge-Buddy Emilee

IMG_0086.JPGThere was the fabulous Stephanie and gorgeous Anna

IMG_0141.PNG(You can check out the girls blogs by simply clicking their names)

IMG_3658.JPGLook at that face! It’s cheeky…beautiful Jen

IMG_0112.JPGIn the beautiful orange dress, that’s Ruth,isn’t she gorgeous! On the right, the fabulous Deirdre and Regina

IMG_0105.JPGThese are a great bunch of girls. I had such a great day.

IMG_0095.JPGNeil,Eileen and Sinead.

IMG_3652.JPG So there you have it the second #ITWBN meet-up. The rest of my photos weren’t great. The following bloggers are also worth a read…Regina,Aidan,Anna,Mags,Aine,Seana,Orla, and Ana Elizabeth, Sara, Emilee, and last but by no means least The fabulous Lorna.

Thanks girls, I had a great day…

❤️ Siobhan

IMG_0067.JPGMy nails were Chanel Blue Satin, I had intended a lil OOTD, however, light grey T-shirt and a hot sweaty blogger do not a pretty picture make…. (*Epic Blogger fail)