Ever dance with the Devil in the pale moonlight?

Loftus Hall was built in 1350, the Loftus family took ownership in 1666… (See that…666) It is said the devil gave away his identity there during a card game that caused the young Lady Jane, who’d had an intimate relationship with him, to loose her mind. The story is compelling and the tour guides enthusiasm was palpable. I loved it. I wasn’t able to take photos inside, which on contemplation makes sense. You need to go in ‘blind’… Honestly if you’re in that part of the country it’s very much worth the time.

20140726-005405-3245249.jpgThe avenue from the gate to the house is impressive.


20140726-005620-3380073.jpgThe house has a rundown appearance and continues to be renovated.

20140726-005758-3478467.jpgThe pigeon in the glass-less window adds to the horror.

20140726-005851-3531138.jpgThe entrance tickets are playing cards, which feature in the tour. All in all, the story leaves just enough spooky questions in your head. The amenities around the house are great.

20140726-010100-3660566.jpgThe cute coffee shop serves my favourite…

20140726-010155-3715766.jpgFruit scones with Jam.

Ireland’s most haunted house is worth your time… Do you dare?

❤️ Siobhan