Okay… I’m going to say this quickly, it won’t hurt as much… Kinda like taking a plaster off quickly! I went to a real life football game and I really really liked it! I have three brothers, two of which are football crazy so growing up I’d seen my share of football. I don’t hate it but It wouldn’t be my choice to watch.

I’m just back from a school trip to Liverpool. It was a great few days! Given the activities that were planned… An afternoon shopping at the Trafford centre, trips to Anfield and Old Trafford… A football match between Everton and Newcastle seemed like an impossible highlight. But it was amazing! {There I’ve said it there’s no going back!} The atmosphere, the spectacle, the yummy hotdogs, red cards, penalties… My afternoon at Goodison Park was brilliant!

We had seats right at the top of the stand. They were great!

The excitement started to build before the Referrees whistle.

A mid-match selfie!

This hotdog was one of the nicest I’ve ever had! {In the excitement I started to munch on it before the photo – this is an action shot people.}

Thanks to the Toffees for an amazing afternoon. I was blown away by how much I enjoyed the match . It’s so much slower in real life. I loved it and am already looking forward to watching the football on Saturday..{Shhhhhh don’t tell anyone} Never in a million years thought I’d like to see a football game… Do you like live sports?

❤️ Siobhan 

P.s. I hope everyone had an awesome St. Patrick’s Day, we celebrated in style for Mother’s Day too.

I was spoiled rotten by my two best guys!