Since I’ve met Keith, my feelings on having a dog have done a complete 360! 

Although the thoughts of any living thing,  except Spiders obviously, been mistreated or hurt sickens me. I never considered having a pet. In my childhood home we never had so much as a goldfish. When I met Keith, I met his gorgeous Bichon, Max! He was adorable and lived to be like 17.  I called him the mandog, because he behaved like a little old man. We got Bomber last April (2016) when he was eight weeks old. He was a leap puppy (we now celebrate his birthday on the 1st march).

I never imagined that in one year I could be wrapped around this little monkey’s finger. I mean I can’t eat a steak without sharing it with him. I also find it hard to leave him in the house when we go out. I had heard about Paws Cafe, but decided to venture out there last week. I was hugely impressed. It was a gorgeous day at Ardgillan Castle, the grounds and gardens are stunning.  We walked through the rose garden to Paws.  There was a sun shower so we took refuge in doors.  Bomber loved it. We had coffee and a friend tried the avocado toast.  It looked unreal. (Can we take a minute to adore the table covers!) The coffee was good and it felt great to have Bomber with us. Have you been out to Paws?