I blabbed on and on about Loving/hating snapchat here, in Part two of this series! Essentially nothing has changed except, I now follow far more people. Recently, I’ve decided to push myself and accept more invites to events. I’m not going to hide away, making excuses… In saying that, I’ve had a busy few days (I’ll save something for Friday’s post) but last night I attended the first Irish screening of Alice through the looking glass! You can check out the trailer here! I loved it and I snapped my way through the day and the mad-hatters tea party that we were treated to also…

 Preparation included… Wait for it…a full face change! I know, I’ve no idea what got into me.

 Have you tried My Meat Wagon, you should it was delicious. 

 You’re winning me over straight away with a can of Diet Coke!

 The food arrived and look how prettily it was presented. It tasted better! The burger was a rough patty of juicy beef and the pickles and cheese pimped it out!

 The Lighthouse Cinema is cool and it was dressed to impress for the movie…

 I liked the first Alice movie, but I loved the sequel. 

 The ‘Tea party’ was awesome! It was made more fun by sharing it with Keith.  

 We then returned home… It was a school night.. Are you on Snapchat? Do you snap everyday… Leave me your username in the comments… Oh and go see the movie, it’s class! 

❤️ Siobhan.