In, what feels like the middle of nowhere, Tankardstown is a beautifully picturesque hotel. I had been invited before for an event but couldn’t make it. My gorgeous niece, Isabelle, made her Communion on Saturday. My brother and his wife hosted the Communion lunch in Tankardstown. This sounds fancy, oh it was! But it was also effortlessly cool.

The restaurant is so quaint. The table decorations are pretty…

Oh and not to forget to mention, they’re fresh flowers!

The views are so Instagram. The outdoor area although not an option because of the drizzle,still looked amazing! Eh how many times can I say pretty and amazing… 

 The food was delicious, I started with Duck Rillet, followed by chickenbecause I’m really adventurous!

 The Chocolate Pot stole the show! I really recommend Tankardstown! I loved it there and the staff were super nice and accommodating. Have you been?

❤️ Siobhan.