Okay so it wasn’t exactly a holiday! But I love that movie. Last week I travelled to Rome for the ISYL ’14, that is the International Symposium for Young Lasallians. It’s the third gathering of its kind and involved Lasallians, young and ‘not as’ young, traveling from all corners of the world to meet at the HQ in Rome.

20140217-195349.jpg For those of you who are still bothering to continue reading you’re wondering what I’m talking about… (This is were you come for make-up/fashion chat) A Young Lasallian is someone who has been inspired, had their heart touched, by the story of St. John Baptist De La Salle. Before hearing his amazing story one might have, like me, been touched by the hard work of those who joined the De La Salle order of Brothers. I’ve been teaching at a De la Salle school for almost twelve years now and the commitment of the brothers to the plight of the poor and the education of the ‘Last, the lost and the least’ is nothing short of inspirational. These men (Brothers) devote their lives to the mission of D.L.S.


20140217-202729.jpg John Baptist De La Salle was an aristocratic boy who became a priest, but a chance encounter with a man called Adrian Nyel, saw his life change in a different direction. He gave away his wealth and set out on a path, God had set for him. He set up schools for poor boys, to teach a class of people that France wanted to forget. It wasn’t without its trials and tribulations but some three hundred years later his modern pedagogical approach is as relevant now as it was then.

20140218-091514.jpg These delegates (my friends) met in Rome for a week to prioritise the mission of Young Lasallians around the world for the coming years. It is important to note that not all Young Lasallians are teachers or lecturers, a Young Lasallian is simply someone who has the following core values; is caring, loving, respectful, genuine, honest and helpful. In lasallian schools, these values are integrated by teachers in building inclusive communities. Communities were respectful relationships help children become adults who can become active citizens, Young Lasallians. Here is a little photo diary of my first few days…

20140218-093630.jpg The motherhouse from the roof.

20140218-093748.jpg My translation pack, the symposium was translated in Spanish, French and English.



20140218-093935.jpg The Aula Magna, magnificent.

20140218-094019.jpg My 35cm fabric square, was to represent my district.


20140218-094237.jpg Our hands got dirty (the good kind of dirty) and we worked hard to finish our work in such a short time. We had several amazing keynote speakers including Br. Alvaro, the Superior General,

20140218-191123.jpg He made us very welcome in his home. To all the delegates, thank you for the wonderful experience, it was on honour to work with you.

❤️ Siobhan