WOW, I got really excited yesterday, I found 5 people (5!) reading my blog at once. I appreciate that famous bloggers have thousands, hundreds of thousands on their site at once! But I was pretty excited. I tweeted the screenshot only to have Keith tell me that I’ve passed the 30,000 hit mark (shocked face) I was determined to run a competition.

I asked around and the general consensus was ‘Everybody loves a giveaway’… So there’s going to be a giveaway! Right here!
I wanted to make the prize something I’d like and so I was reminded by Keith that everytime I look for change, I thank him for my little Louis Vuitton change purse. I LOVE the purse….So I’ve decided to buy another and give it away on Facebook!

Here’s the purse! (Well it’s my purse, the new one is still in the box in the bag)

The rules are simple;

1. You must head over to Facebook, connect to be a member of the Dreaming in Sequins FB page (‘like the page) and share this post on your own page. (If your page is private, leave me a comment)

To my very dear friends who already ‘like’ my page, and support me so well, just like this post and share it.
The competition is open internationally.
The closing date for the purse is 10th July 2014. Good luck,

❤️ Siobhan