As a naturally pale person, I love nothing more then a little tan. Some of my favourite colours to wear are cream, taupe and blush, colours that with a little tan are lifted and look fantastic. I have three go to tan products that I use all of the time. I will try a new product when it comes on the market but nothing I’ve tried is worthy of replacing them.

20140302-120237.jpg Here they are; Dove Summer Glow, Rimmel Sun Shimmer and Academie Bronze Express.

20140302-120440.jpg I use the Dove if I have neglected my usual moisturising routine. It’s a lovely natural colour and although it smells quite tan-like when you put it in first it’s fine after the morning shower.

20140302-120833.jpg The Rimmel Sun Shimmer is perfect for impromptu nights out. When you’re caught out and need a tan ASAP. I put it on with a mitt to prevent orange fingers.

20140302-121406.jpg The Academie Bronze Express is amazing. This is probably my fourth bottle. As with all tans it’s important to follow the usual tan applying steps of exfoliating and prior moisturising when using this product.It’s goes on smoothly. It’s most amazing quality is how it wears off. It doesn’t wear off patchy, it simply gets lighter until your own skin colour is returned to you. It’s available to buy here on special offer. If you love tan and haven’t tried this, it’s definitely worth a try and will remain a staple for me.
What are your stand out tanning products?

❤️ Siobhan