So I have spoken about my low-maintenance (read here; I’m lazy) hair care. I mean given I wear it around every day, it’s shocking how little attention my hair gets. I have thought about the reasons behind this… But I’m constantly the person apologising to the hairdressers as to why it’s been so long. Sorry Phil! The truth is my hair is greying and it will come to the stage were I will have to start paying it more attention. 

As it is, today is not that day because L’oréal have my back.  

 I picked up this little bottle of magic in Boots! You can check outrage shade range and honestly, the verdict is, it’s particularly awesome. When you’re busy and not able (read here ~ have no money) to get to the hairdressers, this little guy will tide you over. You spray it about 10cm from the hair and bingo… It takes off ten years (like a snapchat filter… Only real life). Have you tried this? 

❤️ Siobhán.